Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A wheely good time.

So over the last couple of days theres been a fair bit of wagon progress.
I had the task of getting at least the wheels for the S truck on axles, profile the wheels and turn down the axle ends ready for the bearings before the end of this week.
The reasion I have to have the S truck wheels finished this week is because im heading back down to mum and dads place in Sydney for about 2 weeks for various things.

Anyways the wagon has to go to sydney to join the fleet, even though it isnt finished yet I will be able to complete the rest of it in Sydney.

Well the plan was to fly down on saturday..... But the ash cloud has kinda brought an end to that for various reasions i will not mention here. So now tomorrow is a trip to Sydney on the XPT for me because its fairly important to be in Sydney this weekend.

Now back to the wheels. I spent a bit of time at the outlaws on Saturday and a part of Sunday arvo on the lathe making progress on the wheels. Ill let the photos do the talking.

This photo shows the disc wheels I have chosen to use under the S truck instead of the spoked wheels that came with the kit. It fits with the prototype S truck to have disc or spoked wheels so I decided the spoked wheels in the photo will go under the PV.
The Disc wheels came with a LCH kit I baught on ebay. The wheels were faced on both sides and bored in the centre ready to recieve axles. All i needed to was turn up axles! In the photo you will see the wheels have been fitted to the axles and I have faced and bored the spoked wheels.

In this photo I am heating up one of the spoked wheels on the BBQ so I can fit the wheel to the axle.

In this photo you will see the disc wheels are all profiled, finished and painted ready to go under the S truck. The next set of spoked wheels have been roughed out and the end set is un touched and ready for profiling.

Today I managed to get the first coat of colour onto the S truck.

Well thats all for now. I had better pack for my overnight trip on the XPT to Sydney tomorrow.

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