Thursday, June 16, 2011

The PV begins.

Yesterday I couldnt get much done on the S truck so I decided to make a start on the PV explosive van body.
Originally I was going to build a ABV. For those who are playing at home the ABV was a 4 wheel van that was used by the NSWGR to transport Arnott's Biscuits around the state.
I had a drawing of a ABV blown up to scale and I was getting all the bits and pieces ready to start building the ABV when i came across this photo on facebook.

This PV is being rebuilt by railcorp apprentices at Eveleigh.

I came arcoss this photo and thought to myself....... 'I can build one of them". So its gone from there.
Yesterday I made a trip down to the local photocopy joint and got the drawing for the PV blown up to scale, and made a trip to bunnings to get some timber for the body.

I then spent the afternoon marking out the body on the new 3mm plywood and then roughly cut out the pieces.
I also had some left over 6mm marine ply left over from the KF flat wagon project so i will use this for the floor of the PV body.

 The PV body. On the left is the floor in marine ply the middle is the body sides and on the right the ends all marked out.

So tomorrow its off for another trip to the outlaws...... But that means I can turn up the wheels on the S truck and hopefully get them underneath it and make a start on the wheels for the PV.

Thats all for now.

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