Sunday, August 7, 2011

4 Wheelers

Well theres plenty going on at the moment.
On Thursday I had a phone call from the Real estate to say that my application has been approved. Tomorrow I go down there to sign all the papers and get the keys. The Waratah Wagon and loco shops (Western Division) can start setting up shop tomorrow.

This morning instead of packing box's of stuff for the move I decided I would attack the two Warrick Sandberg S trucks I have and do those last couple of jobs needed to finish them. One of the S trucks Ive had running for a while, but the second one has never hit the tracks yet.
This afternoon I fitted handbrake wheels and release's on both wagons as well as the shunters hand rails.

Handbrake fitted to the second wagon.

I attacked the second S truck first. The parts used for the handbrakes have come from Railcraft, and are excelent products. The handbrake wheel is lazercut from steel and the ratchet and handle are made from polyurathane.

The finished products on both wagons. Both are now fitted with handbrakes and shunters handles in the body.

The photo above best shows what I achieved today. As they say in the classics "a picture says a thousand words".
All that remains on both S Trucks now is a final coat of NSWGR wagon grey and lettering and numbers.

During some spare time last week I managed to get a few bits and pieces done on the PV underframe.
All 4 axlebox's have been filed to suit the w irons and all now fit. Just a few small bits need attention before the underframe can be sent to Oldmate Welding PTY LTD for welding (welding aluminuim is a bit beyond my welding skills).

         Allmost ready to go PV underframe.

The above photo shows the PV underframe. I have used railcraft axlebox's and bearings with Warricks S truck wheels and underframe and the combination of these is 100% PERFECT. The underframe needs no modifactions to recieve these axlebox's. All that you need to do to make them fit is file the axlebox's down a little and out where the box's slip into the W iron. Perfection.......

Well thats all for now..... The big move starts tomorrow........