Thursday, July 28, 2011

Packing up.

Yesterday I flew back up to Qld and returned to Toowoomba to collect the remainder of my things and (most important of all) my XR6 ute.
Today I made a quick dash out to the outlaws place (thank god none of them were home) to finish up the PV van wheels, as I now loose access to a lathe until I buy my own. So today was the day the wheels had to be finished.

Completed PV wheels.

As I mentioned earlier on in the post I have returned to Toowoomba to pick up the rest of my gear that is at my girlfriends house. I now have a job back in the home land of NSW where I have begun working for a company that repaires and maintains diesel loco's for SSR and IRA.

I have spent the afternoon packing up the tools and material that I have in the shed and tomorrow Ill pack up the rest of my stuff in the house and load up the XR6 for a early morning departure on saturday for Sydney.
So next week its back the real estates where I hope to rent a house soon and set up the new Waratah Wagon and Loco works (Western Division).

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Prototype and the Model.

On the weekend that has just past I Travelled to Robertson on 3642 as apart of the NSWRTM's "Southern Highlander". It was a great trip a fun day was had by us service crew and the loco driver and fireman as well.

I managed to take a couple of photos in between attending to the needs of 3642.

3642 has been prepaired for the run to Eveleigh. 8.7.11

3642 has been watered, banked and shares the roads outside the LES at Eveleigh with Goodwin-Alco group's 4486 and 4473.

Goodwin-Alco's latest loco to return to trafic, 4464 poses with 3642 out the front of the LES.

Standing at Robertson 3642 has been serviced and is ready to return to Sydney via the south coast.

Well that was my weekend with the prototype. Now its time for the model. Hot off the press comes this photo of the latest tender progress. Here you will see that the floor pieces in the coal space have been cut out. Now its time for the fun part of tender construction. RIVITS.

Oldmate Lazercutting and sheet metal has been busy again more tender parts.

New floor in the coal space.

Thats all for now.

Friday, July 1, 2011

S Truck, PV and Tenders!

Theres been plenty going on since the last post.
Over the last few weeks Oldmate sheetmetal, Welding and Lazercutting has been busy programing various tender parts into the lazer cutter to further progress with the construction of our two tenders for a NSWGR 36 class.


Here we have the main tank and baffles cut out. Allthough the photo doesnt show it the holes for the rivits have been cut out as well.

Soon the remaining parts of the turret will be cut out and we can begin riviting both tender bodys.

There has been plenty of S truck progress since the last post. The S truck is comming close to completion,as it stands this afternoon there isnt much left to do on it.
All that remains on the S truck is: Drill holes in the knuckle couplers and fit to the wagon, Make a trip to bunnings to buy bolts to hold the couplers into the coupler pockets, Fit dummy hand brake wheels (this wont happen until later because those parts are in Toowoomba....) , final coat of paint and lettering and numbers. I think the photo below can best show progress.

Allmost finished! Wheels and axlebox's fitted.

We also cant forget the PV explosive van..... I now have the underframe parts for the PV. It is one of Warrick Sandbergs S truck Underframes. The parts will now have to be sent to Oldmate welding for welding before it can progress any further.

Underfame parts ready for welding.

Thats all for now. But I will leave you with this video i found on Youtube last night of me, my engine and freight train passing the cammera at hotpot.