Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HotPot 2011.

On the weekend just past myself and the girlfriend flew down to Sydney for the trip to Wollongong for the annual Hotpot Run.
The trip began on friday with a flight down from Brisbane to Sydney and a train trip to my mum and dads place to get a few things ready with 1248 (that now lives at my parents place again) and to load everything up to head out on Saturday morning.
The only way to describe the trip down to the gong is Wet and Rainy. I was thinking will it rain the whole time or wont it????
We arrived at the track and the steaming bays were FULL, No one was interested in leaving the steaming bays because of the rain. It took about 30 mins to get 1248 out of the ute and another hour to get a spot in the steaming bay just to light up!
Eventually the rain stoped and a few engines started leaving the steaming bays for a run.

Over all as with the previous Hotpot runs ive been to it was a great weekend to attend. I do think the rain did stop a few people from attending but.
I didnt get to take many photos but here is some I did.

My engine 1248 sits in the yard enjoying a rest.

Rodger Kershaw's latest engine 3510.

Looking forward to next years hotpot.
Well thats all for now. Its time to finish my second S truck and start on my next project. A NSWGR PV explosive van.

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