Monday, November 21, 2011

More Wagons.......

Wagons, Wagons, Wagons. Thats is where my modeling focus is at the moment.
While im waiting for the call from Hare and forbes to tell me my brand new lathe has arrived, ive been working on various jobs around the shed to get it set up and running.

With the number of wagons I own steadily increasing in numbers, storage of wagons had become a problem.
Until now.
A friend of mine has been moving workshops and on one of the days I was helping him move I was offered some shelving. At first I said no to the offer, But while driving between workshops I came up with a use for this shelving that was on offer to me.

My newly finished wagon storage solution.

The shelves have worked out perfect. With a small amount of additions and modifications to the shelves I now no longer have wagons rolling around on the workshop floor, and the toolbox, box of supplies and the box for the steam engine are all packed away and stored neatly. WIN WIN!

So now to the wagons......
The PV is allmost finished. It now has its first coat of paint and now only needs small jobs to complete it.

 First coat of paint on PV 675.

Also this weekend my brother welded up my LCH for me. I was going to weld it with my newly aquired aluminium welding skills but he wanted to do it.... Who was I going to argue with someone who does it all day????

Welded up LCH.

Tonight I fitted the axlebox's to the LCH. Now Im waiting on the lathe to show up so I can turn the wheels and axles for this.

Im also in the middle of modifing my new bumtruck. But that will be subject of another post.
Thats all for now. Tomorrow im off to Cootamundra for work. There is a 47 class that needs some work done to it.

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