Friday, November 4, 2011

Another running weekend.

Just last weekend I took 1248 for a run at a mates house in Western Sydney.
I allways look forward to my visits to this track because in my own personal opinion it is one of the best tracks around.
We arrived mid morning and once the engines were unloaded we spent the afternoon running around the track.
This run was the first run for my second S truck that I have been posting about over the last few months. The wagon ran well with no troubles at all. Not even a single derailment.
We all ran from mid morning saturday until the very early hours of Sunday morning.

I didnt take many photos as I was out driving most of the time but I will share a few that i did take.

3805 and 3819 wait for a train in the yard. Unfortunatly they didnt double head.

1248 enjoys a rest in the yard.

A line up of a couple of engines in the yard.

A mate of mine takes 1248 for a run up the hill.

My freight train as it stands at the moment.

5701 undergoing heavy load trials.

Now that this run has been and gone I can now take 1248 off the operational roster. At 35 years of age the poor old thing is starting to become a bit tired. I will also now be decomisioning 1248's driving truck. This has been the engines original driving truck and after reaching 35 years of age, it has reached the end of its useful life and will not be run again.

Today I made the trip over to Hare and Forbes to purchase my lathe. Unfortunatly there was none in stock, once it arrives in a few weeks I will be able to begin working through my full page of repairs and modifications for 1248.

While im here I might as well give a quick update on the PV. Body work has been completed and it is ready to enter the paint shops. However I might just build a new roof for it...... Im not 100% happy with it. We will see what happens.

I have alot of other side projects on the go as well at the moment. There is plenty going on. But they will be subjects of another post some other time.
Thats all for now.

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