Thursday, July 12, 2012

Packing up (again).

Well bloggers its been a while since Ive made a post on here, As usual theres been plenty going on.

I now find myself packing up another house and moving. This time I hope it will be the last for a while. Myself and the Girlfriend have just purchesed our first house together (her second house) and we have just passed the "handover" stage in the sale of the house we have just baught and are working toward hopfully a early settlement, and moving in.
With the purchase of this new house I now find myself moving out of a small single car garage into a separate double car garage shed in the back yard of the new house that will have the exclusive use for a workshop.

In the 7 months since my last update for you, theres been so much that Ive done out in the shed I dont know where to begin with an update. So ill just post photos to show you.

In January I put the finishing touches on the LCH. It has now been sign written, however im not happy with the results.

Significant progress has also been made with the CV (covered van) bodys. Here we have two assembled bodys ready for fitting to an underframe.

Lets not forget the Cattle wagons eather.......
Here is the first cattle wagon with a roof under construction.

In May We attended the Mudgee Blowfly Ralley. For the run I managed to just in time finish the PV and the CW (however the CW still needs final detailing)

The PV and CW just before Mudgee.

Mudgee was a great run. 1248 came away from Mudgee with another award. 1248 was voted most popular Non blowfly locomotive by the people that attended.

The award.

1248 and freight train at Mudgee.

After Mudgee I put the final touches on the CV.

With the month of June comes the annual Hot Pot Run at Wollongong. Every year it is a blast and it is well worth attending. This year was no exception. I didnt take many photos but here is one I did.

So that brings us up to now. In a couple of weeks We will be attending the Birthday run at Grandchester  and the weekend after Track and Tent at Warner (both in QLD for those of you playing at home who dont know).

Somewhere Between now and the last update I baught myself another locomotive.
Ive purchesed a almost finished NSWGR 17 class. It came with just about everything needed to complete it. It came with a kit of parts for a boiler but I have since purchesed a complete never fired boiler for it.

Here is the 17 class shortly after delivery.

As well as the CV and CW bodys ive been working on another. Regular readers of my blog may remember I made mention of a scale passenger car.
There has been enough progress I thought I would show you it.
It has taken many months of work but we have finally made some decent progress on our LFX dogbox body. We had to make two patterns for it as the first one wasnt up to scratch.
                              Here is the body shortly after assembly and fitting of the floor.

I made this body for a friend of mine. He and his brother have built a underframe within a couple of hours of taking delivery of the body. They have used a pair of scale NSWGR 2AA bogies they had allready built.

                                                             LFX Body with bogies.

I am very much looking forward to making my own LFX. But ill now have to wait until im in my new shed.
Thats about all for now. Next time I post it will be when we are in our new house.
For those of you who read my blog and have facebook we have a very excellent facebook group going for Live steamers. Check it out and join if you like.!/groups/174843825930887/


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